Copyright Infringement

The Rising Concern of Copyright Infringement

In recent times, we have witnessed an alarming surge in unauthorized individuals and entities shamelessly copying our original product images and content for their own gain. These blatant acts of copyright infringement not only undermine the hard work of our creative team but also violate the very laws that safeguard our intellectual property.

The Value of Originality

At Artropad, we firmly believe in the power of originality. Our dedicated team invests significant time and effort to conceptualize, create, and fine-tune each product image to ensure it reflects our brand's identity and resonates with our cherished customers. These efforts are what make our store a hub of innovation and distinction, and it is disheartening to see these efforts tarnished by unscrupulous practices.

Understanding Copyright Protection

Under the protection of applicable copyright laws and international treaties, we retain exclusive rights to all content showcased on Artropad, including product images, descriptions, and branding elements. This legal protection ensures that our hard work and creative endeavors remain secure, encouraging a fair and thriving business environment for all.

Our Stance: Zero Tolerance for Copyright Infringement

We take a steadfast stance against copyright infringement. As guardians of our intellectual property, we are determined to defend our rights and protect the integrity of our brand. This determination extends to taking all necessary legal measures against offenders, should it become necessary. Cease and desist notices, legal action, and pursuing damages are among the actions we will not hesitate to take to uphold the principles of creativity and innovation.

A Call for Support

We reach out to our loyal customers and fellow entrepreneurs, seeking your support in preserving the authenticity of Artropad's offerings. If you come across any website or platform that is using our copyrighted content without permission, we urge you to bring it to our attention. Together, we can ensure that those who disrespect intellectual property rights face the consequences of their actions.

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintaining the spirit of originality that drives Artropad. Our dedication to offering unique products and exceptional customer experiences remains unwavering. By respecting copyright laws and upholding the value of creativity, we strive to inspire a community of innovation and ethical practices.


In conclusion, let us come together to protect creativity, innovation, and the principles that empower businesses to thrive. As we navigate the challenges of e-commerce, we stand firm against copyright infringement, and we thank our loyal customers for their continued support and trust.

Together, we will ensure that the light of creativity continues to shine brightly at Artropad.